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Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes

5. Shopping by Price only: Budgets are important and they will allow you to see which vendors you can afford. The saying ” You get what you pay for” holds true. Experienced vendors in what they offer will cost more than a novice but these vendors are seasoned and will ensure that your wedding is the reality you envisioned. Seek Value! 

4. Not setting a budget: Weddings are emotional and most brides want what they want. However, the wedding is just one day. Bills still have to be paid after the wedding.

Wedding Planning "To Do" List

if you recently became engaged... CONGRATS! Now for the "To Do" list. Follow these steps for a planning experience that is stress free, and culminates in the BEST day of your life!

The First 10 Steps for Wedding Planning:-

1Enjoy Being Engaged
This is an exciting and wonderful time in your life. Soak it all in and ENJOY!

2. Tell Your Parents 
Their support and advice is going to make this go a lot more smoothly.

Purchase a Journal If You Don't Already Have One
You will want to take notes on ideas and suggestions along the way.

What's Reception HOT and what is NOT

As you begin to plan your wedding and reception, there are some trends that are becoming clear in 2014. Here's what our research and experience uncovered. What is your opinion?

1. A DJ wearing a tuxedo is NOT hot. Today's receptions are becoming more informal to a degree and we are finding brides that are ditching the wedding gown immediately following the garter toss. Besides, you want to be able to distinguish the DJ from the waiters.

2. Games are NOT hot. While they have created some memorable moments over the years, couples are finding that it is more important to dance and socialize during the reception.

Top First Dance Songs for 2014

As we enter the booking season for 2014, I am starting to wonder what first dance songs will hit the top of the wedding reception charts.  I know... you are waiting for me to provide this list of my top 10 or 20 right? Well, I believe that I take my cues from you, so time for you to chime in... What do you think?