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Old School Entertainment LLC

1740 Dale Rd Cincinnati OH 45237 US

Cincinnati Wedding DJ | Cincinnati DJ | Cincinnati Disc Jockeys


Making Your Event the Very Best!

Serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

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DJ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Old School Entertainment different from any other DJ company?

A: Frankly, there are too many average and below average, a number of good, and a few great DJ companies in the area. Even fewer who provide the value that we do. We will not "sell" you on our service. We don't book more than 2 events on the same day. You get the owner of the company, or your choice of two of our other tremendously talented, professional DJ's. We do not broker DJ services, so you will meet and work with your DJ from day one. We recognize the importance of your special event, and treat it like our own. The DJ you choose can make or break your event, and we are committed to making your event the very best. The DJ you select is responsible for a great deal more than playing music. At Old School Entertainment, we present the best DJ value in the Cincinnati and Dayton market.

Q: Does the name Old School Entertainment mean that you play only older music?

A: Not at all. What it means is that we have been DJs almost since the beginning of

"DJ Time". We started when the craft included records, two turntables, and a tube

amplifier. There were no wireless mics, or mp3 files, and hip hop was a "new fad".

Our name speaks to our experience, and ability DJ your event....Not just press play. 

Q: Do you carry insurance?

A: Old School Entertainment carries a 1,000,000 general liability insurance policy. If you

or your venue need additional coverage or specific riders, we offer them at a fee.

Q: What are the differences in the packages regarding sound?

A: The amount of sound you will need depends on a number of factors including the

size of the venue, the type of music, and your personal taste. We incorporate

speakers amplifiers, processing, and speaker size based upon the most common

situations, and variables using those factors as a basis. Events which will have genres

focused on beat and bass, venues with large open spaces, or if "acoustic body" is your preference overall, should include sub woofers.

Q: What is included in the price?

A: Old School Entertainment has packaged services based upon the most frequently

requested items, and offers customized packaging for events off the beaten path.

All packages, (including the customized ones) include all pro grade sound equipment,

lighting, emcee duties, planning tools, consultation, set up, break down, and travel

(within 50 miles).

Q: Why is my balance due before my event date?

A: Misunderstandings are embarrassing! On your event day, the last thing you want is

service providers chasing you down for payment. The last thing the DJ wants, is to

need to chase a client down for payment. The rental facility, cake, transportation,

caterer, and other needed items were all taken care of in advance. Honestly, we are no


Q: Is there a deposit, or retainer required to hold my date?

A: Typically, the deposit is $300 (non-refundable).

Q: When is my balance due?

A: The balance is due 7 days prior to the event.

Q: What if I have to cancel or need to reschedule my event?

A: Old School Entertainment LLC believes in fairness. If you must cancel or reschedule

your event, we afford you two options. Your deposit may be applied to a the

rescheduled date (subject to availability), OR if we are able to rebook the date of

your cancellation, we will issue you a refund of your deposit less 15%.

Q: How do you maintain such reasonable pricing?

A: You will not find Old School Entertainment at bridal shows, or in a full page color

yellow page ad. Both of which are tremendously expensive, and the costs

of which are passed on to the client. We have no desire to have 10-20 events

occurring on the same day, and we don't carry balances that need collection.

We advertise only on select wedding websites, to minimize our costs.

Your special event should not come off of an assembly line, and your future should

not be mortgaged on your event.

Q: Why do I need to fill out the planning, timeline, and request forms?

A: Professionals don't guess. They come into a situation with a detailed understanding

of objectives, client needs, wants, and expectations. Anything less presents an

opportunity for unwanted results. 

Q: What type of events do you specialize in?

A: We specialize in more "formal events", such as weddings, reunions, birthdays,

anniversaries, and corporate functions. Although we do perform at general parties,

and an occasional night spot.

Q: Are your songs censored?

A: At Old School Entertainment DJs carry both the original, and radio edits of most songs. We err on the side of caution. Unless specifically requested by the client, the radio edit will be the one we play.

Q: What type of music do you play or specialize in?

A: Old School Entertainment customizes its music to each client's desires. Our staff is

very knowledgeable in ALL genres of music.....From Pop to Polka, and everything in

between. Our planning suite and consultative process insures the music you want.

Q: When will you arrive at the event?

A: Our arrival will be a minimum 1 hour prior to event start. Most often, we arrive

much earlier to perform sound check, or when longer set up times are needed.

Q: Do you have back up equipment?

A: Old School Entertainment evaluates its gear both pre and post event, however, we do

bring back up amps, and other items that can fail without warning.

Q: What do you require from my event site?

A: One 6ft banquet table with linens, and adequate power (120 volt 20amp grounded

outlet) within 25ft of DJ set up. *Avoid placing tables between the DJ and the

dance floor. Your guests will thank you. If you do not have linens please let us know.

Q: Will you play my CD's or MP3 files?

A: You hire a DJ company to provide DJ entertainment for your event.

If your desire is to "iPod" your event, sound system rental may be best for you.

We gladly accommodate any and all requests at your consent.

Q: Can we visit you at a performance?

A: A client's wedding is not an audition hall, and we respect that. We are more than happy

to provide you a list of references, and online reviews. Several of our past clients

have an open door policy to contacting them. You may find those clients in our

Satisfaction Survey results on the "DJ Reviews" page. We certainly invite you to

attend any public events in which our services are used.

Q: Do you perform at same-sex weddings?

A: This is a new question that we recently received..... The answer is simple....

ABSOLUTELY! We provide entertainment for EVERYONE. We respect the rights of all

people. Our job is to ensure a memorable and enjoyable entertainment experience...